About us

Shandong Huaxing Machinery Co., LTD is a "high-tech business enterprise" that is specialized in r&d, sales, design, production, and carrier of extrusion systems and packing gadgets. specializing within the production of a series of extrusion systems, the principal merchandise is the puffed amusement meals manufacturing line, breakfast cereal corn flakes manufacturing line, tissue protein production line, nutrition rice chaff, nutrition powder production line, bread production line, aquatic feed, puppy food production line, automated vertical particle packing system, powder packing machine, horizontal packing device, and so on.

Business enterprise integrates the modern-day design and manufacturing era at domestic and abroad, and perfectly combines extrusion generation with mechanical device technology, to provide customers with shrewd production solutions; and adheres to the “expert consciousness, scientific and technological innovation” enterprise philosophy, and wonderful technical design scheme, to offer domestic and foreign clients with the splendid overall performance of complete units of the system.

The corporation has hooked up a strict great general inspection system and surpassed the "iso9001 satisfactory control system" certification and the "CE great device" certification. dedicated to imparting clients with reliable technical and pleasant help for all aspects of merchandise