1. Choose a suitable packaging machine based on product specifications.Different product specifications require different packaging machine functions. For example, liquid products are suitable for fully automatic packaging machines. From automatic product dropping to blanking and filling, to
2024/03/22 09:41
Generally, dog food is composed of four major parts: grains, proteins, vitamins, and food attractants. Among them, grains are an essential raw material for the formation of dog food.1. Grains include corn flour, rice flour, flour, and wheat bran. Corn flour and rice flour ensure puffing. Wheat bran
2024/03/21 09:13
Baked grain is to slowly mature the raw materials and bake them into shape. Because low-temperature baking requires high technical requirements, not many brands have gotten involved yet. Compared with puffed grains, low-temperature baked grains have higher nutritional value. However, the production
2024/03/20 10:20
Puffing is an important step in the dog food processing process. Puffing is a food processing method. The processed food is put into a closed container, heated and pressurized, and then suddenly decompressed. The moisture in the food vaporizes and expands, causing many small holes to appear in the
2024/03/19 09:04
The equipment with large output is recommended to use wet production is the best, so that the product has a good degree of maturation and high yield, and the fresh meat content and protein and fat content of the raw materials configured with wet production equipment can be relatively improved, and
2024/03/18 10:02
The powdered raw material containing a certain amount of starch (more than 20%) is treated by the tempering device, so that the moisture of the material reaches 10% ~ 27%, and the temperature rises to 70 ~ 98 ℃. The well-conditioned material enters the screw extrusion chamber, because the volume of
2024/03/16 09:34
The food extruder machine is a food processing equipment that puffs various raw materials to produce food of various tastes and shapes. According to the different raw materials can be roughly divided into the production of food, feed, industrial supplies and so on.To choose different types of
2024/03/15 08:39
At present, the domestic market is divided into single screw extruder, twin screw extruder, three screw extruder. According to the number of bulking machine shaft is one, two or three, divided into single screw bulking machine, double screw bulking machine, three screw bulking machine.Double screw
2024/03/14 08:52
Vegetarian meat protein is produced by twin-screw extruding technology. The technology uses a new type of twin-screw extruder, and its screw adopts the design structure of functional screw segment. The barrel is also segmented, respectively equipped with water injection port, exhaust port, etc.,
2024/03/13 09:55
Dog food is a special food for pet dogs, animal food between human food and traditional pet feed, mainly for all kinds of dogs to provide basic life assurance, growth and development and health nutrients. It has the advantages of comprehensive nutrition, high digestion and absorption rate,
2024/03/12 09:26
With the improvement of people's living standards, keeping pets has become the choice of more and more families. Pet feed as a necessity in the daily life of pets, the market demand is growing. In order to meet market demand and improve production efficiency, automated dog food processing equipment
2024/03/11 11:06
What is sustainability in pet food?In the context of pet food production, sustainability refers to the implementation of practices that strive to meet the nutritional needs of pets while minimizing the environmental impact and considering ethical considerations. It involves finding a delicate
2023/09/06 15:17