What Kind Of equipment To Choose For Dog Food

2024/03/18 10:02

The equipment with large output is recommended to use wet production is the best, so that the product has a good degree of maturation and high yield, and the fresh meat content and protein and fat content of the raw materials configured with wet production equipment can be relatively improved, and the degree of maturation and formability can be very good.

Dog food pay attention to palatability and mouth resistance, palatability mainly refers to the addition of attractant, mouth resistance refers to the first equipment, the second refers to raw materials, the maturity of equipment is good, raw materials to choose high-quality raw materials, such as corn to choose the new corn of the year. Strong smell, good palatability.

If the output is small, it is recommended to use dry production, the investment is small, the cost is relatively fast, the relative procedures are simple, and popular dog food can be produced.

Dog Food Machine Production Line

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