Advantages Of Puffing Process

2024/03/19 09:04

Puffing is an important step in the dog food processing process. Puffing is a food processing method. The processed food is put into a closed container, heated and pressurized, and then suddenly decompressed. The moisture in the food vaporizes and expands, causing many small holes to appear in the dog food and become crispy. Puffed dog food. The basic principle is to suddenly decompress the raw materials under heating and pressure to cause them to expand.

Puffing technology, as a new type of food processing technology, started in 1910. Its application in pet food was in the United States in the 1950s. The United States was the first to use the extrusion principle to produce pet food, that is, using the extrusion principle in the extruder. The screw and screw sleeve heat and pressurize the raw materials by squeezing them, and extrude the high-temperature and high-pressure food out of the die hole to achieve rapid volume expansion due to sudden pressure reduction.

The puffing process is also a process for molding dog food raw materials. During the molding process, water is added in the form of steam to gelatinize the raw starch in the dog food and heat it to 100°C~180°C. Because the pressure before extrusion is very high, during extrusion The pressure is instantly released, causing the dog food to rapidly expand and foam, and the water evaporates. Therefore, dog food that has undergone the puffing manufacturing process generally has high nutritional value that is easy to digest and absorb.

Advantages of puffing process:

1. Improve the palatability of dog food. Dry dog food becomes crispy after puffing. During the process of biting and swallowing, the pet dog has a better taste and cleans the mouth and teeth.

2. Change and improve the nutritional value of dog food. Many nutrients need to be matured and puffed before they can become nutritious. Otherwise, not only will it not bring effective nutrition to pet dogs, but it will cause diarrhea, vomiting, etc. Inapplicable diseases.

3. Improve the digestion and absorption rate of dog food. The puffed dog food is more comprehensive and perfect for pet dogs to absorb. At present, there is even a "double puffing" process, with the purpose of allowing pet dogs to more perfectly absorb the food in the dog food. All nutrients are absorbed.

4. Through the puffing and granulation process, the shape and structure of the dog food are changed, making it easier for pet dogs to eat the dog food and eat more.

5. Changing the different nutritional index contents of dog food, such as reducing the water content, can increase the shelf life of dog food, making it easier for pet owners to store and feed it anytime and anywhere, which is safe and convenient.

6. Change the density of dog food. Extrusion granulation and puffing can also increase the density of dog food, making it easier to purchase and transport.

Advantages Of Puffing Process

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