Which is better, baked dog food or puffed dog food?

2024/03/20 10:20

Baked grain is to slowly mature the raw materials and bake them into shape. Because low-temperature baking requires high technical requirements, not many brands have gotten involved yet. Compared with puffed grains, low-temperature baked grains have higher nutritional value. However, the production technology requirements are relatively high. At present, the technology is not mature enough, and the price is too high. It is difficult to enter the market and the audience is small. Puffed grain is made by mixing the raw materials, putting them into an extruder, and then suddenly decompressing them while heating and pressurizing them to expand them.

Puffed grain is the most common grain on the market and has the highest share. Because it has been dehydrated, it is not easy to deteriorate, has a long shelf life, and is easy to carry and store. High temperature and high pressure may exist during puffing, which can easily lead to nutrient loss, so now Some nutrients that are not resistant to high temperatures are added after selection, which greatly ensures the nutritional balance of the product.

However, if you want to choose the right dog and cat food, in addition to the craftsmanship, you also need to look at the raw materials, formula and nutritional content. Rather than just looking at the processing technology.

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