How to adjust the formula of dog food?

2024/03/21 09:13

Generally, dog food is composed of four major parts: grains, proteins, vitamins, and food attractants. Among them, grains are an essential raw material for the formation of dog food.

1. Grains include corn flour, rice flour, flour, and wheat bran. Corn flour and rice flour ensure puffing. Wheat bran contains oil, which can make the dog's hair smooth. Flour can improve the smoothness of the particle surface.

2. There are two types of protein: vegetable protein and animal protein. Vegetable protein includes soybean meal, beet meal, brewer's yeast, etc. Animal protein is mainly various meats. You can use fresh meat and grind it into a paste yourself with a bone paste machine. You can also buy ready-made meat and bone meal directly.

3. As vitamins, you can use high-temperature-resistant vitamins. In addition, you can also add vegetable and fruit juices directly during puffing. The fresh taste will be better.

4. Feed attractants: Feed attractants are sprayed on the surface of the particles after puffing. There are two types of feed attractants on the market: neurogenic feed attractants and non-nervous feed attractants. It is not recommended to eat the nervous feed attractants if you are dependent on them. You can make it yourself using chicken fat or butter.

How To Adjust The Formula Of Dog Food

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