How To Choose Food Extruder Machine

2024/03/15 08:39

The food extruder machine is a food processing equipment that puffs various raw materials to produce food of various tastes and shapes. According to the different raw materials can be roughly divided into the production of food, feed, industrial supplies and so on.

To choose different types of extruder according to their own needs, including output, product types, product specifications, etc.

Also note the following:

1. Understand the performance of the extruder: The performance of the extruder includes output, extruder effect, service life, etc., which will affect production efficiency and product quality.

2. Consider the power of the extruder: the greater the power, the higher the expansion efficiency of the extruder, the higher the production efficiency, but the greater the power, the higher the power consumption, therefore, the appropriate power should be selected according to the actual demand.

3. Understand the operation mode of the extruder: different models of extruder have different modes of operation, including manual, semi-automatic, fully automatic, etc., should choose the appropriate mode of operation according to their own needs.

4. Consider the price of the extruder: different models, different configurations of the extruder, the price is different, should be based on their own needs and budget to choose the right model.

5. In the purchase of extruder, you need to understand your own needs, choose the right model and brand, and pay attention to performance, power, mode of operation, price, quality and after-sales service, choose regular brands and manufacturers and other aspects.

How To Choose Food Extruder Machine

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