How is the vegetarian protein we eat produced

2024/03/13 09:55

Vegetarian meat protein is produced by twin-screw extruding technology. The technology uses a new type of twin-screw extruder, and its screw adopts the design structure of functional screw segment. The barrel is also segmented, respectively equipped with water injection port, exhaust port, etc., each section of the barrel is independently heated and controlled temperature, and the full length of the barrel is equipped with automatic water circulation cooling system, which can accurately control temperature. Its operating system adopts PLC touch screen centralized intelligent control system, and the production parameters can be automatically, conveniently and accurately controlled.

The new twin screw extruder meat protein is made of low-temperature soybean meal, soybean protein isolate and gluten powder as the main raw materials. In the twin screw extruder, the material is forced conveying, mixing and homogenizing, crushing and kneading, shearing and melting, cooking, high temperature sterilization, extrusion molding and other processes, forming a layered ductile fiber structure. 

The soybean brushed protein food with layered muscle fiber structure, high strength, high toughness and similar texture and taste to meat was produced. According to the different extrusion mold and auxiliary equipment, can produce cylinder, block, slice, strip, grain, pudding, crumbs and other shapes; The vegetarian meat protein food produced by the twin-screw extruder has good water absorption and oil retention characteristics, strong flavor, high temperature resistance and stew, so it can be widely used in meat products, fast food, frozen food, stuffing, instant noodle seasoning, etc., and can also be made into vegetarian meat snack food and vegetarian dishes with different flavors. Meat protein production line is a set of automatic production line, including raw material mixing, extrusion molding, drying, cooling and other equipment, and has different output and configuration of the production line.

Twin Screw Extruder

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