Why does the dog food production line use puffing equipment more

2024/03/12 09:26

Dog food is a special food for pet dogs, animal food between human food and traditional pet feed, mainly for all kinds of dogs to provide basic life assurance, growth and development and health nutrients. It has the advantages of comprehensive nutrition, high digestion and absorption rate, scientific formulation, quality standard, easy feeding and use, and can prevent some diseases.

1.The puffing process can increase the natural flavor of raw materials.

After the feed raw materials are puffed, the flavor is increased, the palatability is improved, and the pet's appetite can be stimulated. Dog's picky taste has always been a headache for dog food manufacturers. In order to solve the problem of palatability, some manufacturers will choose to add food inducers to achieve the effect of food inducement. However, compared with artificial flavors, spices and other additives, the natural fragrance of natural grains and fresh meat after pupping is more suitable for dogs to eat for a long time.

2.The bulking process can transform the molecular structure of the original discretion to make the dog food easy to digest and absorb.

Due to the puffing process, the protein in the raw material of dog food is combined with the starch matrix, so it is not easy to lose nutrients when feeding. The protein is released only when the animal's digestive enzymes break down the starch, increasing the titer of the protein. The bulking process also denatures the protein, passivates many anti-nutrient factors, and at the same time changes the tertiary structure of the protein, shortening the hydrolysis time of the protein in the gut. For ruminants, the expansion of rumen non-degradable protein, that is, rumen over protein, can avoid ammonia poisoning and improve the utilization of protein. Secondly, the bulking treatment releases the encapsulated fat in the raw material molecules and increases the caloric value of the fat. Bulking can also form lipoprotein or lipopolysaccharide complex products with fat and starch or protein, which reduces the content of free fatty acids.

3.The bulking process can increase the shelf life of dog food.

At the same time, the expansion of dog food raw materials passivates lipase, inhibits the degradation of oil, and reduces the deterioration of dog food caused by the rancidity of oil components in the process of product storage and transportation.

4.The puffing process can avoid all kinds of dog diseases caused by dog food.

The basic function of dog food expansion is to reduce the bacteria, mold and fungus content in raw materials, improve the health quality of feed, and provide bacteria-free and matured feed for animals. Thus reducing the risk of disease in animals and reducing the amount of various drug ingredients added.

5.The extruded process of dog food optional raw materials than the general process.

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