Work Principle of Vertical Packaging MachineVertical packaging machines,  also called Vertical Forming, Filling, and Sealing Machines(VFFS), are used for the forming, filling, and sealing of plastic bags. The working method of this type of machine is the following:1. The machine is loaded with a
2023/05/15 17:31
Repair And Maintenance of Macaroni Pasta Production LineTroubleshoot Repair of Macaroni Pasta Production Line:When the macaroni and pasta production equipment is malfunctioning, troubleshooting can be done as follows:(1). Investigation and research: Operators are required to observe the equipment
2023/03/27 14:13
Manufacturing & Processing of Pet Food These years, our furry friends aren’t just pets, they’re beloved members of our family. As such, cats’ and dogs’ food is increasingly important to pet owners. This revolution in pet dining and nutrition is causing major changes in the pet food sector. We
2023/03/25 16:22
Introduction of Macaroni Pasta MachineMacaroni Pasta Machine adopts potato starch, potato powder, and corn starch as the main materials, to produce a variety of twice extrusion ones in different shapes, which are popular in the market, such as crisp pea, shell, screw, square tube, round tube, and
2023/03/22 18:06
Corn flakes can be eaten directly or processed into other foods. There are also many flavors of corn flakes, light corn flakes, sweet corn flakes, and salted corn flakes are the most common ones, also other flavors. As a very popular food, many people are concerned about whether corn flakes will
2023/03/20 15:17
Dog food processing mainly uses various means and methods to shape a variety of raw materials or a single raw material for improving the nutrition, palatability, digestion, and absorption capacity of dog food, so as to exert potential nutritional value and use value.The processing range of dog food
2023/03/15 17:17
Corn flake processing equipment is the equipment that produces cornflakes from corn as raw material through the processes of advance preparation, grading, washing deep, slicing, cooking, cooling, screening, and packaging, which is an important piece of equipment in the food processing industry.What
2023/03/02 16:49
The output of pet food production equipment ranges from several hundred kilograms to more than ten tons, a very wide range of output. What kind of packaging machine should we use for the production line to meet the needs of the customer market? According to the different needs of different
2023/03/02 16:42
With the increasing demand for the pet food market, the demand for pet feed machinery such as dog food production lines, cat food production lines, fish feed pellet expanders and other kinds of pet puffing machinery is also increasing day by day. The following is a brief description of the process
2023/03/02 16:32
Fried puffed food machinery can produce a variety of shapes of casual food through different supporting equipment. A brief introduction to the production process of fried food is as follows:  The pellets/chips/extrusion frying line aims to produce pellets, chips, and fried food through the food
2023/03/02 16:27
The puffing machine has a pair of screws and sleeves, with the function of mixing and kneading.After the raw material is in the puffing cavity, the material between the screw sleeve by extrusion, friction, shear, and other effects, its internal pressure rises continuously, reaching 4Mpa, and the
2023/03/02 16:15