Fried Puffed Food Production Process And Process Flow

2023/03/02 16:27

Fried puffed food machinery can produce a variety of shapes of casual food through different supporting equipment. A brief introduction to the production process of fried food is as follows:

  The pellets/chips/extrusion frying line aims to produce pellets, chips, and fried food through the food expansion machine extruder. The raw materials are extruded into different shapes of snack products by the extruder and modeled by mold. It can be made into shellfish, spiral, spiral, square tubes, and many other shapes. Through next-step processing such as drying, frying, and flavor powder flavoring, delicious snack foods can be obtained. Replacement molding machines can also produce 3D granules, potato chips, shrimp chips, etc.

1. Raw materials: Potato starch, corn starch, flour, tapioca starch, etc.

2. Products: By replacing the molding machine, we can produce 3D granules, potato chips, shrimp chips, etc.

3. Capacities: 100-150kg/h, 250-300kg/h.

4. Process flow: Mixing-Extrusion-Forming-Drying-Frying-Seasoning.

5. Voltage: Three-phase: 380V/50HZ, single-phase: 220V/50HZ, can be supplied according to the local voltage of the customer's country.

6. Machine material: All machines are made of food-grade stainless steel.

Puffed Food Machinery

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