Work Principle of Vertical Packaging Machine

2023/05/15 17:31

Work Principle of Vertical Packaging Machine

Vertical packaging machines,  also called Vertical Forming, Filling, and Sealing Machines(VFFS), are used for the forming, filling, and sealing of plastic bags. The working method of this type of machine is the following:

1. The machine is loaded with a roll of film, which will be used for the forming of the final package. The most widely-used materials of the film are thermo-sealable films with single or double layers, such as PP-PP, PP-PE, PA-PE, and PE-PET. 

2. The film is folded to the shape of a sleeve by the package-forming system (please, see the schematic for reference).

3. The machine draws the formed sleeve downwards, while it simultaneously closes the bottom and the vertical seal of the package via heated sealing elements.

4. The machine starts to fill with the product already sealed in the bottom sleeve via the forming collar. The filling with the product is normally automated via a dosing device (filler). According to the specifics of the product, the machine can be equipped with different types of dosing devices. 

5. After the dosed product is placed in the package, which is closed from below, the sealing elements close the upper part of the package (simultaneously closing the bottom part of the next package) and cut the ready package.

We produce a wide range of different vertical packaging machines. A list and specifications of the model's vertical packaging machine can be found here.

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