Repair And Maintenance of Macaroni Pasta Production Line

2023/03/27 14:13

Repair And Maintenance of Macaroni Pasta Production Line

Troubleshoot Repair of Macaroni Pasta Production Line:

When the macaroni and pasta production equipment is malfunctioning, troubleshooting can be done as follows:

(1). Investigation and research: Operators are required to observe the equipment for special phenomena such as cracks, strange noises, odors, overheating, etc. by looking, listening, smelling and touching, and then determine through testing what specific faults have occurred.

(2). Analyze the fault and determine the scope of the fault: Analyze and determine the specific scope of the fault based on the fault phenomenon and combined with the equipment principle.

(3). Troubleshooting: First check the power supply, then check the wiring and load. If there is no problem, then check the common circuit and each branch circuit. Then check the control circuit and the main circuit.

Pay attention to the parts that are easy to measure first, and then pay attention to the parts that are not easy to detect. Once the specific fault is determined, the macaroni and pasta line can be checked, judged and repaired according to its operating principle.

Maintenance Process of Macaroni Pasta Production Line:

(1). Clean at the right time: Choose the right time, such as weekly or monthly, to clean the macaroni and pasta line in a timely manner. Long-term unclean oil and dirt can damage the equipment, so timely cleaning not only extends the life of the equipment but also ensures that the macaroni and pasta produced is clean and of higher quality.

(2). Timely replacement of damaged parts: The wearing parts of macaroni equipment will inevitably be damaged after a long time of use and should be replaced in time. In many cases, the main failure of the equipment is accumulated by some minor faults. , regular inspection and replacement can effectively reduce the maintenance cost of macaroni machine and extend the use of time.

(3). Regular lubrication: Accessories play a very important role in the operation of macaroni equipment, especially some parts that are easy to wear. Adding some lubricating oil regularly can reduce wear and tear, lower the replacement frequency of accessories, and effectively extend the service life of the equipment.

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