Nutritional Rice Making Machine

Nutritional Rice Making Machine consists of: 

1. Mixer
2. Screw elevator
3. Twin screw host/Twin screw extractor
4. Vibrating cooling machine
5. Air blower
6. Oven/Dryer
7. Cooling machine

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Product Details

Nutritional Rice Making Machine

Nutritional Rice Making Machine is based on food dietary call for and superior technology. it has the benefits of excessive automatic and saving power.

The line is advanced to avoid the lack of nutritional elements within the rice that's made thru conventional rice processing.

It adopts rice, millet, black rice, buckwheat, and so on. as important substances. after the approaches of extruding, cooking, and shaping, the substances can be made into bolstered rice, golden rice, buckwheat rice, solanum tubers rice, and so forth. it may also additionally upload extra nutrient components, consisting of nutrients, minerals, and many others. you may get the nutritional synthetic rice, which is eaten identically to herbal rice, and the cooking method is similar to the herbal rice. even extra, it is less complicated and greater handy.

It's miles in shape for the current agency. it has the benefits of high automatic and saving energy. 

Raw substances of Nutritional Rice Making Machine:

Adopts corn flour, and rice powder as raw materials.

Process of Nutritional Rice Making Machine:

Nutritional Rice Making Machine

Specifications of Nutritional Rice Making Machine:





Installed Power




Power Consumption









19 × 1.3 × 2.2m

 22× 1.5 × 2.2m

25 × 2.0 × 2.2m

Final Products of Nutritional Rice Making Machine:

Nutritional Rice Making Machine

Packaging and shipping of Nutritional Rice Making Machine:

We use the waterproof film multi-layer winding machine and then use wooden boxes for packaging, which can effectively prevent moisture and collision during transportation; In transportation, we use sea transportation, of course, you can also choose other transportation methods.

After purchase, we will ship it to you as soon as possible. The exact arrival time will vary according to the distance. You can consult online customer service or leave us a message, and we will reply to you in time.

Nutritional Rice Making Machine

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