Corn Flakes Food Making Machine

Corn Flakes Food Making Machine consists of:

1. Mixer
2. Screw elevator
3. Twin screw extruder
4. Spreader/Vibrating feeder
5. Air blower
6. Flaking machine
7. Air blower
8. Oven/Dryer

9. Hoist/Hoister
10. Spreader/Vibrating feeder
11. High-temperature oven
12. Flavoring line
13. Spreader/Vibrating feeder
14. Oven/Dryer
15. Cooling machine

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Product Details

Corn flakes food-making machine generally makes use of corn powder and different cereals because of the fundamental uncooked material, via mixing, extruding, baking, coating, drying, and cooling, to get crispy corn flakes. the final product cornflake or breakfast cereal is a completely scrumptious breakfast cereal that is one shape of a nutritional handy meal with the benefits of tough steeped damaged and strong grain taste. after being milled flat, the very last product is smooth to be cooked and digested. it may be eaten like a snack and be additionally eaten with milk or coffee as well. via changing molds and manufacturing strategies, it may be made into terrific shapes of puffed food, inclusive of jewelry, balls, flakes, stars, letters, and so forth.

The machine consists of blending, extruding, flaking, drying, excessive-temperature baking, flavoring, and cooling.

Uncooked materials of Corn Flakes Food Making Machine:

Corn powder can be made into numerous shapes, a wholesome preference for your breakfast with milk.

Process Flow of Corn Flakes Food Making Machine:

Corn Flakes Food Making Machine

Corn Flakes Food Making Machine

Final Products of Corn Flakes Food Making Machine:

Corn Flakes Food Making Machine

Technical Parameters of Corn Flakes Food Making Machine:




Installed Power



Power Consumption









Packaging and shipping of Corn Flakes Food Making Machine:

We use the waterproof film multi-layer winding machine and then use wooden boxes for packaging, which can effectively prevent moisture and collision during transportation; In transportation, we use sea transportation, of course, you can also choose other transportation methods.

After purchase, we will ship it to you as soon as possible. The exact arrival time will vary according to the distance. You can consult online customer service or leave us a message, and we will reply to you in time.

Corn Flakes Food Making Machine

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