Doritos Chips Making Machine

Doritos Chips Making Machine consists of:

1. Mixer

2. Screw conveyor

3. Twin-screw extruder

4. Pulling & Cutting Machine

5. Continuous fryer

6. Vibration deoiling machine

7. Flavoring line

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Product Details

Doritos Chips Making Machine

Doritos Chips Making Machine

Doritos Chips uses corn powder, corn starch, and rice powder as main materials, and then mixed with water, vegetable oil, and salt. They are extruded and compounded into triangle, round, square shapes, or others by Doritos Chips Making Machine. After being fried and flavored, the final snacks will be quite crispy, spraying some seasoning powder will make them more savory and delicious. And During compound shaping, some waste edges will be cut down, but they can be reused by grinding them into powder and filling in the raw materials in a certain proportion. So the Doritos chips production Line can maximumly lower the production cost.

Raw Materials of Doritos Chips Making Machine:

Adopts potato starch, corn starch, cassava starch, wheat flour, corn flour, rice flour, water, vegetable oil, salt, and so forth. as raw substances.

Work Flow of Doritos Chips Making Machine: 

Mixer-- Screw conveyor-- Extruder-- Compound Cutter-- Auto Fryer-- Deoilling Machine -- Flavoring

Technical parameters of Doritos Chips Making Machine:




Installed Power



Power Consumption







18.5 × 1.2 × 2.2m

21 × 1.5 × 2.2m

Samples of Doritos Chips Making Machine:

Doritos Chips Making Machine

Packaging and shipping of Doritos Chips Making Machine:

We use the waterproof film multi-layer winding machine and then use wooden boxes for packaging, which can effectively prevent moisture and collision during transportation; In transportation, we use sea transportation, of course, you can also choose other transportation methods.

After purchase, we will ship it to you as soon as possible. The exact arrival time will vary according to the distance. You can consult online customer service or leave us a message, and we will reply to you in time.

Doritos Chips Making Machine

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