Granule Packaging Machine

Granule Packaging Machine adopts Bag Types: 

3 Side Seals, Strip bags, Pillow Gusset bags, 4 Sides Seal bags, and Chain bags.

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Product Details

Capabilities of Granule Packaging Machine:

1. It could robotically complete bag-making, measuring, filling, sealing, slicing, counting, stepless speed law, and other features. 

2. Easy to regulate and perform. three-aspect sealing is beautiful.

3. The configuration of the accessories of this device can whole the features of surprise blanking, date printing, and clean tearing.

Application of Granule Packaging Machine:

It's far appropriate for computerized packaging of any free, no adhesive, granular materials of nutrition, medicine, and chemical enterprise. which include puffed meals, fried meals, shrimp slices, chips, peanuts, melon seeds, oatmeal, fragile meals, the spot drink, desiccants, monosodium glutamate sugar, salt, washing powder, etc.

Granule Packaging Machine

Specifications of Granule Packaging Machine:



Bag length


Bag width


Measuring range


Packing speed

30-60bag/m in

Power specification

2.4kw/220V, 50/60HZ

Overall Dimension


Gross weight


Samples of Granule Packaging Machine:

Granule Packaging Machine

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