3D Compound Snacks Making Machine

3D Compound Snacks Making Machine consists of:

1. Mixer
2. Screw elevator
3. Twin screw host/Double screw extractor
4. Embossing machine/Pattern presser
5. Compound shaper
6. Separating machine
7. Hoist/Hoister
8. Oven/5-layer layer
9. Continuous fryer
10. Hoist/Hoister
11. Oil slinger/De oil machine
12. Automatic flavoring line

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Product Details

Cooking, lowering, and so forth techniques to offer spiral, tube, onion ring, waved chips, and so forth snack pellets. which consist of crisp peas, shells, screws, rectangular tubes, spherical tubes, and waves. also can equip with a pattern urgent device and compound tool to provide bugles, net crispy, pani puri, and masses of different 3-d snack pellets. then via the way of drying, frying, and flavoring, the snack pellet may be made to be crispy, and bright right now and eaten after times extrusion of puffed meals.

The meals device makes use of wheat flour, corn flour, corn starch, tapioca starch, and potato starch as uncooked materials.

This gadget is characterized by way of using a specific method, rational configuration, high automation, and strong typical overall performance. it could surrender steaming, extrusion, and shaping in an unmarried step without a boiler. and combos of the unit screw and precise manipulation of processing, benefit better remarkable and numerous products with a choice for raw fabric.

3D Compound Snacks Making Machine

Uncooked substances of 3D Compound Snacks Making Machine:

Wheat flour, potato starch, potato flour, corn starch, cassava starch, and so on.

Process flow of 3D Compound Snacks Making Machine:

Mixer--extruder--pulling cutter-compound shaper--curler drum--vibration cooler--hoister--dryer--fryer--flavoring

Technical parameters of 3D Compound Snacks Making Machine:





Installed Power




Power Consumption












Samples Products of 3D Compound Snacks Making Machine:

We use the waterproof film multi-layer winding machine and then use wooden boxes for packaging, which can effectively prevent moisture and collision during transportation; In transportation, we use sea transportation, of course, you can also choose other transportation methods.

After purchase, we will ship it to you as soon as possible. The exact arrival time will vary according to the distance. You can consult online customer service or leave us a message, and we will reply to you in time.

3D Compound Snacks Making Machine

Packaging and shipping of 3D Compound Snacks Making Machine:

3D Compound Snacks Making Machine

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